Lubicons: Broken Promises | Ulrike Ebeling-Voll

The exhibition consists of portraits of the Lubicon Indians and is a show of the artist's support for their struggles. As a further measure of support, a percentage of any money made by the artist from this work will be donated to the Lubicons. After the two-week show at the 2nd Story Gallery, the exhibition will move on to show at the Esso Plaze, +15 level, from February 1st to 15th. Although 2nd Story does not usually show established artists, an exception is being made in order to provide a timely opportunity for the viewing of this work.

Ulrike Ebeling-Voll

Ebeling-Voll, 28, has temporarily relocated to Victoria to work on her Masters degree in Arts and German Literature. She has lived in Calgary since 1977 where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with distinction from the University of Calgary in 1982. Ebeling-Voll attended a studio-workshop at the Banff Centre School of Fine Art and has exhibited widely, establishing herself as a fine artist.