Men | Gary Hewitt | January 28 to February 13, 1988


The work in this exhibition was created throughout 1986 and into 1987. The female shape and form is used as a symbol rather than an identity, or specific. The symbol has basis in primal culture and of life; Venus of Wellendorf. What is still remains to be. Never bending, never changing, just one continual constant, Anna Luxemburg. The on and off desire to create images that look at flesh without soul, from stories, jokes, or real life incidents spoken by man or woman. The flesh has become something of an obsession with all of us. How we dress it, primp or manicure it. It is the way we judge our relationships, and our lives. No longer does the person exist within the carved structure of our magnifecence. We have become dolls controlled by our logical minds. The way we talk, the way we talk, the designs we adorn ourselves with, to entice our neighbours into envy. It is time now that we move in a better way.

Gary Hewitt

Gary Hewitt is a visualist, working in the fields of design, film, fine art, and moving into stage design and construction. He is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art.