A2C SEG Part 1 | Cynthia Boisvert, Joyce Fraser, and Stephen Peterson

This is the first of a two-part exchange show with Ace Art, a similar gallery in Winnipeg. The show deals with the theme of perception and how artists see things in unique ways. A2C SEG Part 1 was curated by Jim Goertz and will include works by Calgary artists Cindy Boisvery, Joyce Fraser, and Stephen Peterson. The show will then travel to Winnipeg.

"While most artists make conscious efforts to evoke response from the senses, few make this the prime area of their research. Although changing social, economic, and ethical issues shape the style and content of most contemporary art, the nature of perception has not changed dramatically throughout history, has never been fully understood by the layperson, and is therefore never out of date. It is not surprising then, that while various art-isms have come and gone, there have always been a portion of artists concerned with perception itself. All of the artists selected for this exhibition explore (in varying degrees) how we perceive, taste, and feel.

Because the work was selected, and is being shown in two parts, and between two cities, regional interpretive differences become visible both in the created works and in the selection of the artists. By examining these differences (similarities), we seek to foster the dialogue necessary in further understanding ourselves within the region."

-Jim Goertz, curator

Cynthia Boisvert

Cynthia Boisvert holds a diploma from the Alberta College of Art, where she graduated in 1986 with distinction as a Painting major with a minor in Sculpture.

Joyce Fraser

Joyce Fraser was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1961. She attended the Alberta College of Art from 1979 to 1983, graduating with a diploma in Painting. 

Stephen Peterson

Stephen Peterson is educated at the Alberta College of Art and the University of Lethbridge, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1986.