Dusk til Dawn | Group Exhibition | April 28, 1987

On April 28, 1987, the 2nd Story Gallery will present "Dusk til Dawn," an evening of performance artworks by eight Calgary artists. It will take place at Graceland, a former junkyard. The premis on which "Dusk til Dawn" is based is the perception that performance art has become too dependent on the stage and technological aids like monitors, echo machines, slides, films, and spcial lighting and sound effects. "Dusk til Dawn" will try to get away from that by taking place in a two-acre field at night without the use of electricity. The artists will have to deal only with the elements present at the site: themselves, earth, fire, water, the light of the moon, and whatever junkyard materials they can use.

"Dusk til Dawn" is being organized by Calgary artist Bart Habermiller, and will include artists Mark Dicey, Steve Heimbecker, Nelson Henricks, Cheryl Koprek, Anna-Marie Larsen, Steve Peterson, David P. Smith, and Mark David Stewart.