Some Fun, Eh? | Sylvia Bews-Wright


Sylvia Bews-Wright, a current participant at The Banff Centre School of Fine Arts, will exhibit her narrative aintings, titled "Some Fun, Eh?"

In her show, Ms. Bews-Wright uses Dick and Jane and the family dog, Spot, to examine sexual stereotypes and assumptions about what we see. The deliberate ambiguity challenges each viewer to read into the paintings a personal interpretation. Ms. Bews-Wright says, "Forget nostalgia. No longer can we take for granted the serene, smug relationships shown in those long-ago portrayals of the nuclear family -- Mother happily washing dishes and changing Baby Sally while Father goes off to work. Instead, we are confronted with ironic humour and forced to ask ourselves uneasily, 'Just what is going on here?'"

Her visual metaphors of Dick and Jane are a means of expressing the precariousness of power and the ever-shifting consequences of having or lacking power in a relationship, be it personal or political. 

Sylvia Bews-Wright

Sylvia Bews-Wright received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Ottawa, and a Bachelor of Arts at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. She is currently pursuing continued education at The Banff Centre School of Fine Arts.