Paintings | Salley Reesman


For this exhibition, the 2nd Story Gallery will be showing recent two- and three-dimensional works in painted wood, cardboard, and canvas by Calgary artist Sally Reesman.

Reesman's works are intended to convey ideas and emotions simply and directly. She is exploring parallels between experience and irrationality, the grotesque and the commonplace, and identity versus illusion. Her works are dramatic, ambivalent, oblique, and metaphoric. They are conceived as "episodes within a room" or "episodes within a marked space;" the episodes are a series of tragic rituals such as suicide, death in a family, violence against children, public hangings, murder stories, and the slaughter of animals. 

Sally Reesman

Sally Reesman was born in Fort Frances, Ontario in 1954. She moved from Chicago, Illinois where she grew up, to Calgary, Alberta in 1976, and began studies at the Alberta College of Art shortly thereafter. Reesman is also educated at the University of Calgary and the Banff Centre School of Fine Art.