Three Person Show | Tony Amaral, Bill Gardner, and Anthony Schulz | April 3 to April 19, 1986


Artists' Statements:

"These recent works are stages, mock-ups for the real. The long horizontal support, a sense of petition and movement, suggests a structure which physically and emotionally extends beyond itself. Process is like the act of looking, which becomes a horizontal movement across the support." -Anthony Schulz

"The process in which I do my work comes from continual change. In much the same way as repetition is utilized as a meditative act, I achieve this state by continually shifting in direction and application. A piece is finished when disjunctive parts come together through relationships that create a whole. The result, as opposed to a quiet stillness achieved through repetition, are images that initially appear static but become activated through the process of looking." -Tony Amaral

"The burden of the artist isn't alienation from society, but the horror of self-knowledge. Is that why religion and art seem incompatible to me? ... Because believe in an "other" denies that subjective search and results in a guilt-ridden complacency that, in individual interpretation, always leaves room for redemption. There is no second chance.... so this isn't the first." -Bill Gardner

Tony Amaral

Bill Gardner

Bill Gardner was born in Calgary, Alberta, in 1957. He attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design prior to graduating from the Alberta College of Art in 1986 as a Painting major.

Anthony Schulz