Performance Focus | Group Exhibition | October 9 & October 11, 1986


The intent of "Performance Focus" is to provide a professional forum for young local performance artists to present performance work to a receptive audience. A recent upsurge of interest in this media has prompted 2nd Story to create such an event. There will be three works presented by four local artists on each of the two evenings. The works will be presented at 8:00 P.M. on each evening at Bruno's Night Gallery, 1209B-1 Street S.W.

The curator of "Performance Focus," Marcella Bienvenue, is a nationally recognized performance artist and film-maker who has been involved in this type of work since 1975. The exhibition of performance art by local artists will also feature a panel discussion moderated by Marcella Bienvenue.

Mark Dicey, Bart Habermiller, Dave Clarke, David Smith, Anna-Marie Larsen, Stephan Peterson, Colleen Kerr, Nelson Henricks.
Leila Sujir, Vern Hume, Sandra Tivy, Colleen Kerr.