Artists without Papers | Group Exhibition | January 30 to February 15, 1986


Many artists are not able to work in the university or college encironment successfully, but find great rewards through self-imposed exploration and research. Often these artists have a unique vision unclouded by trends peculiar to post-secondary institutions. 

While colleges and universities continue to produce "qualified" artists, these self-taught individuals are sidestepping traditional education and arriting on parallel level with their graduate couterparts. This is not to say that the artist without papers has the same vocabulary as the graduate, but the way the vocabulary is put to use is often more eloquen and direct than those trained extensively in the craft. 

This exhibition, curated by Jim Goertz, examines the work of four such artists: Blair Cadrain, Moshe Ozeri, Paresh Athparia, and Zetilda Higgins, just part of a group often left unnoticed. 

Jim Goertz

Jim Goertz graduated with a diploma in Painting from the Alberta College of Art in 1984. He has also studied at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Okanagan College in Fine Arts foundation.