Second Anniversary Story | Group Exhibition | July 4 to July 20, 1985



A collective retrospective funded in part by CRAF. 

This exhibition marks the end of not only the programming season, but the infancy stage of 2nd Story's development. It is reassuring to see that the artists represented here, half of whom had their first exhibition at 2nd Story, have been maturing with us. This is quite evident when one looks in retrospect at the exhibitions each individual contributed to in the past, compared to this collection. 

While this show does not indluce everyone from the fifty plus exhibitors during the last two years, it does represent a fairly broad range of the philosophical and stylistic bases that have been shown here.

As the 2nd Story Gallery moves into the third year, some changes will be evident. We hope that these changes will benefit and encourage the artists as they continue to develop and enrich our community.