Zeitgeist | Steven Heimbecker | April 11 to April 21, 1985


"My work represents living. The subject of each work is placed in an ambiguous space between past and future, the dream state and reality, to create an unclouded view of the life I see and live." 

Described as leaning towards surrealism, Heimbecker's paintings are flat and colorful, exploying heavy outline and pattern to define forms and articulate planes. His sculptures are structural and less organize than the paintings, but still painting the same intensity of color and line. These works are direct comments on the shape of traditional architecture; confronting the decorated box.

Steven Heimbecker

Steven Heimbecker, a Saskachewan native, has been living in Calgary since leaving the Alberta College of Art in 1980. Since 1978, Heimbecker has shown in several regional and private group shows throughout Alberta and Saskachewan.