Something Tasteful | Group Exhibition

Help save the 2nd Story Gallery! The future of the 2nd Story Gallery hangs on a limb. A major fund-raising drive is now underway to help keep its doors open. 

For the past year and a half, the Second Story Art Gallery has provided a valuable outlet for emerging artists, giving them a chance to exhibit their work to a large and enthusiastic audience. Judging from the general response we have received, we believe that Calgarians would like to see Second Story continue as a viable alternative gallery. 

"Something Tasteful" is an opportunity for the public whom Second Story has served to contribute to the continuation of what has become an important part of Calgary's art community.

The board of the Second Story Art Society wishes to thank:
* The artists who have so generously donated their work for this exhibition and sale
* The friends of the Second Story who have contributed the food for the buffet
* And special Thank-Yous to Hullhurts Safeway, Nice Pair, The Natural Bread Store, Ten Foot Henry's, and The Alberta College of Art Gallery

Sylvia Zieman, Stuart Hamiliton Parker, Jim Norton, Andrew Kuntz, David Janzen, Alan Dunning/First International School of Whim, John Andrekson, Susan Davidson, Brenda Hemsing, K. Gwen Frank, Steve Heimbecker, Lori Sobkowich, Jane King, Kirsten Abrahamson, Linda Parke, Mike Zeindler, Anita Dumins, Evelyn Grant, Gordon Hutchens, Beth Harmer, Garry Williams, Amy Gogarty, Geoff Hunter, Valerie LeBlanc, Steve Peterson, Brad Struble, Catherine Bailles, Jim Goertz, Derek Dennett, David Foxcroft, Joyce Fraser, Robert Hamilton, Reb Renpenning, Sylvia Richman, Andy Andrews, Chuck Hughes, and Norman White.