Beneath the Bark | Rick Silas and Mark Gibeau |


"Beneath the Bark - Works in Wood" is a showing of original and creative works in wood by Rick Silas and Mark Gibeau. 

Mark Gibeau

Mark Gibeau's unique abilities and imagination have led him to his concept in the creation of wood turnings of immense proportions. The large size of these turnings make them distinctly original. Development of these creations has been achieved through many years of study and experimentation with wood.

Rick Silas

Rick Silas has studied for several years, first in Quebec and more recently in Alberta. His work deals with escape and growth, destruction of the old to make way for the new. He believes an artist's role in society is to reflect on the world around him. While in school, Silas devoted many hours to student governance, particularly ACA Autonomy politics. He has won awards for his leadership and dedication. Since leaving school in 1982, Silas has been a full-time working artist.