Abulia in the Abattoir | Kathleen O'Neill and Denis Heindenreich

This is an exhibition of abstruse and lawless art, as yet never seen before in Calgary, by artists who hear, taste, feel, and push with their eyes.

Homemade uncompromising films will also be premiered at the opening as well as impeccable, unburpable, muzik. 

Kathleen O'Neill

BO1972; Kathleen, ALberta

PLAID piano hookey
Professional TIttlely Wunk tournie
Lucknow, Ontario
Job; as a Role Model
jumped out windA@@@@@@@@@
Spent some tiMMMMME ;GRaVeyards
wondered why i had headache incessently
Realised inane society|||||no goddam culture
saw apparition;;;;;;;shrink
tughtme LOts$$$$$$$$ PPP_________________
Pooped on sidewalk in MTL.....
STarted hair collection||||||||||||||||||2222222222
Forced into LIFES KILLS liesure skiLLs
cadavers88********(below THE ground
a round like teepees
UOCH???????? ???!!!!!!!!!!! !! !! !!!! !

Denis Heindenreich

born 1955 Baden Baden, West Germany
Came to Kanada with dog, Quit school shortly thereafter, Bummed around as a kid,,,, learn lern, lots as a kid built go|karts
Fixed car engines, grew up
Later on as an adolesent||||(puberty)
Hair on pitts and bummy
realisation of art as an institution
dropped OUT 33333333322222222444444$$$$$$$$$$
1965- picked up ELectrik geetar
saxi FOne ,piano ,pots and pans
took a look at birds|treesbugs|sky|water|fire||||
met some REaL JERkS
FInally decided to go to JUggling school and ,,,,,,,,,, acrbatics school..........got a Ph.D.
Bra and pantie Salesman DOOR TODOOR
Gaurd::::::; Kent State Prison
1975: caught in a time warp
1981; met pupdog theodora
moved in with hairy (BLACK(thing, funny, hairy buttocks
Operation on preHensile limbs
Never anal retentive
WOnder;about oppression of manbyman
like unplugging toilets