Sick Memories of Future Changes | Sylvia Ziemann


A show with objects and paintings of an intrinsically foreign nature. 

Sylvia Ziemann

In 2003, Sylvia introduced Artist Trading Cards to Regina. She continues to foster this activity. In 2008, with David Garneau, she formed Contrary Projects, an occasional, one-night exhibition/opening for new works. The shows take place in a domestic setting and are designed for discourse. There have been eight “projects” so far; at least two of which led to pairings of artist and curator and resulted in two solo shows in another gallery.

Sylvia has had solo exhibitions at Calgary’s The New Gallery, Edmonton’s Harcourt house and the Dunlop in Regina and her sculptures, paintings, and installations have been included in numerous group shows. Sylvia’s studio production consists of miniature installations that incorporate sound and video. Recent work explores themes of urban paranoia. She is interested in our growing fear of the domestic other, our neighbours, and the creeping anxiety—fueled by a hysterical media—that our cocoons might be breached from without or within. Current projects concern humanities’ attempts to cope with environmental catastrophes.