Projections ± Predispositions | Brandon Giessmann | June 6 to July 31, 2018


Brandon Giessmann

Brandon Giessmann is a Canadian visual artist and writer who explores how trauma, gender, and sexuality intersect in response to notions of identity and its related politics. Giessmann is interested in codifying and veiling information to consider how his projects interact with one another, the spaces they inhabit, and how reusing materials can inform present and future work. Installations and performances become vessels for conversation and reflection, where he addresses his own trauma, the process of healing, and his fear of social and institutional repercussion as a gay man. These thoughts are translated into various collections of critical text, creative writing, and visual art that help him understand his own positions and feelings regarding these often confusing topics and the disorientation he continues to experience due to his privileges as a cisgender white male recovering from past sexual assault and abuse. Brandon Giessmann is a recent BFA graduate from the Alberta College of Art + Design and is a University at Buffalo MFA candidate.

Projections ± Predispositions considers the parallels between exclusion from public and private spaces, through the dual lenses of marginalization and trauma, which work to sever confidence in safety and bodily autonomy. Soil from past installations creates a bed, a place for potential growth, reflection, and rest, while a distressed sheet evokes intimacies between those who have been, are, and will be. The surrounding pansies are disrupted by barbed wire, violent boundaries demanding exile, submission, and observation. As the flowers wilt due to a lack of care, the wire makes its presence increasingly known, holding up the plants as examples of what is to come as these structures remain.

-PATHIE | Artist Talk | June 2, 2018


TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary is pleased to present an artist talk with Andrée-Anne Roussel, titled -From sensory cinema to interactive installations. The talk is presented in concert with Roussel’s exhibition –PATHIE.
Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 3:00 pm
TRUCK Contemporary Art, 2009 10 Avenue SW Calgary
In From sensory cinema to interactive installations, filmmaker and new media artist Andrée-Anne Roussel explores her journey in developing the work in –PATHIE on both subjective and technical levels.
The talk will be in English, with the opportunity for discussion with the audience in English and French.

TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary est fière de présenter une discussion avec l’artiste Andrée-Anne Roussel, intitulée « Du cinéma sensoriel aux installations interactives ». La conversation sera présentée le lendemain du vernissage de l’exposition -PATHIE.
Samedi 2 juin 2018 à 15 h
TRUCK Contemporary Art, 2009 10 Avenue SW Calgary
Au cours de la discussion « Du cinéma sensoriel aux installations interactives », la cinéaste et artiste en arts numériques Andrée-Anne Roussel discutera de sa démarche artistique, présentera quelques projets antérieurs en lien avec la présente exposition, et discutera plus en détail de son projet d’installation interactive -PATHIE, autant au niveau thématique qu’au niveau technique.
La conversation se déroulera en anglais, et le public aura l’occasion de discuter en français et en anglais avec l’artiste.

Andrée-Anne Roussel

Andrée-Anne Roussel is both a filmmaker and new media artist. She holds a Bachelor's degree in film production and a Masters in Communications (concentration in research-creation of experimental media) from l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Her interactive video installations and sensory short films are the result of her research on themes of ambiguity, failure, fragility and empathy. Her work has been shown at the Sapporo International Short Film Festival, Musée d’art de Joliette and at LABoral Centre de Arte.

Andrée-Anne Roussel est à la fois cinéaste et artiste en arts numériques. Elle détient un baccalauréat en cinéma et une maitrise en communication (concentration recherche-création en média expérimental) de l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Ses installations vidéo interactives et ses courts métrages sensoriels sont le résultat de recherches autour des notions d’ambiguïté, d’échec, de fragilité et d’empathie. Ses œuvres ont notamment été diffusées au Sapporo International Short Film Festival, au Musée d’art de Joliette et au LABoral Centre de Arte.

CJSW Onsite: Listener Appreciation Week | Performance | April 26, 2018



CJSW Listener Appreciation Week!
Thursday April 26, 2018 / 4PM – 7PM
TRUCK Main Space (2009 10th Avenue SW)

Join us on April 26 from 4PM – 7PM as we host an on-site broadcast with CJSW as part of their Listener Appreciation Week.

Alternative To What? / 4PM - 6 PM
Enticing, sometimes challenging, music from the vast underground for thirsty ears and enquiring minds: post-punk, instrumental, math rock, avant, jazz, electronic, indie, funk and global grooves. Kerry has been mashing up independent, non-commercial sounds that cross disciplines and decades since 1987.

Bitchcraft / 6PM - 7PM
Join Hayley as she brews a potent concoction of femme-forward tunes.

KUSAMA - INFINITY | Performance | April 16, 2018


We're very pleased to be a Community Partner, alongside Sled Island, for the Calgary Undergound Film Festival's presentation of KUSAMA - INFINITY


KUSAMA - INFINITY explores artist Yayoi Kusama’s journey from a conservative upbringing in Japan to her brush with fame in America during the 1960s. As a Japanese woman attempting to permeate the white, male-dominated art scene of New York, Kusama was very much an outsider. Her fierce determination and artistry was often overlooked by the press during her formative years even though her work rivalled — and arguably influenced — that of Andy Warhol. Many years later Kusama’s work is finally commanding the attention it deserves.

The 15th Calgary Underground Film Festival runs April 16 - 22 // see for a full listing of events

TRUCK Members receive a discounted ticket // email for more details



Sundance 2018


Passionate about documentaries and biography films, Heather Lenz is a short film director and researcher. Since earning her MFA in Cinematic Arts from USC, Lenz has worked on film and television projects in various roles including as a researcher and producer on programs for The History Channel, Food Network and PBS.

La Guaria Morada | Artist Talk | March 24, 2018

Please join us for an artist talk with Juan Ortiz-Apuy on March 24, 2018 / 1:00 pm in the TRUCK Contemporary Art Main Space (2009 10 Ave SW). LA GUARIA MORADA runs March 23 - May 5 / 2018 in the TRUCK Contemporary Main Space. 

In LA GUARIA MORADA, tropical orchids, an ultrasonic industrial humidifier, and dehumidifiers are assembled to form an artificial environment in a perpetual state of negotiation and precarity. Centred around the national flower of Costa Rica, the installation serves as an homage to Ortiz-Apuy’s country of origin, and functions as a metaphor for situations caught in similarly uncertain and precarious conditions. LA GUARIA MORADA is a fragile ecosystem. Dependent on the gallery’s lighting and staff to sustain it, the orchids parallel the art object, maintained via systems that aim to foster and nourish artistic practice, and to artist-run centres, equally requiring perpetual effort and negotiation in order to survive.

The creation of this work was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, a generous paint donation provided by Cloverdale Paint & a partnership with Shelf Life Books.

Juan Ortiz-Apuy

Juan Ortiz-Apuy was born in Costa Rica in 1980. He has lived and worked in Montreal since 2003. Ortiz-Apuy holds a BFA from Concordia University (2008), a Postgraduate Diploma from The Glasgow School of Art (2009), and an MFA from NSCAD University (2011). His work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally. Recent exhibitions include Museum London, Gallery 44, Gallery TWP, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, The MacLaren Arts Centre, A Space Gallery, and the Quebec City Biennial: Manif d'art 7. His work has been reviewed in various publications including Canadian ArtLe Devoir [Montreal], The Gazette [Montreal], The Telegram [St. John's], The Toronto Star, and MOMUS. Ortiz-Apuy has recently completed Artist-in-Residency programs at The Atlantic Centre for the Arts (USA), The Vermont Studio Center (USA), and The Frans Masereel Centre (Belgium). Upcoming projects include a residency at the IKEA Museum (Sweden), as well as exhibitions at Les Abattoirs Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (France), and Carleton University Art Gallery (Ottawa). 

The usual place, but to the side | Group Exhibition


Curated by Toni Cormier



-The Des Moines Register, Iowa, March 28, 1916


The revealing of a secret is a point of no return, it cannot be undiscovered as much as you cannot unscramble eggs. An irreversible shift raises the question: If you can't un-something, what can you do? This moment offers opportunity through a multitude of possible futures (and multiple presents). Somehow, the revealing will morph the expected, what is understood, what will never happen, what is swallowed. This permanent change of state is an event that requires a response, fostering a relationship between subject and object. Five artists were asked how they move productively forward after being confronted with this shift, using personal tools and methodologies to negotiate what cannot be undone. Each artist utilizes a relationship with something found or collected during an encounter (either day-to-day or during a pursuit of interest) as a way to access this shift of reality. The otherwise discreet object becomes a deviation from the expected, a lost translation, an estranged artifact, a moment of possibility, a radical connection.

Tess Eva Cournoyer

Proof 2 is a collection of objects and disposable photograph, taken from the streets during meandering ventures. Gathered from moments of wistful wandering, they are collected and rearranged in an attempt to revisit the moment of encounter, the inexplicable draw of curiosity that led to the accumulation of such objects in the first place, and re-situate such discoveries into a new context of narrative, understanding, and interpretation. Without any pragmatic reasoning, the objects become estranged artifacts of an alien motivation, and open up to a repurposed realm of meaning independent to the viewer.

Declan Hoy

Investigation of representation and time through the use of objects and images are conducted through the lens of speculative fiction, photography, and new materialism. Using this methodology, the investigations conducted manifest in quiet arrangements of things in space. In these sculptural and installation works, images are used as objects and objects are used to construct images, questioning the horological positioning of photographs and objects, and, imagining futures of representation.

Kaylee Maciejko

MOSPPRADS is a research and documentation society that examines vacant construction sites in search of MOSPPs: Moments of Speculative Possibility and Promise. The Society is interested in investigating perceived ruptures in the purported goals and actual outcomes of architectural and urban planning enterprises. This fictional organization follows an intense and vigorous practice-led research methodology that includes psychogeography, a ‘pataphysical approach to gathering conjectural data and the application of research findings through sculpture, photography, sound works and writing. The telos of this research is to foster a sensitive and intersectional dialogue around spatial production in urban landscapes.

Kerry Maguire

Replicated the optical properties of tinfoil/plastic become personal interpretations of objects. I think often of the replicator in Star Trek; with the push of a button, a meal, material or object appears. I see CMYK and print as some sort of optical replicator; although the actual functional properties of the object are not present, I have made some kind of movie set version of them. The “mystery” of the real-world creation of these material-objects is capitalist labour; the mystery of my CMYK replication is maybe just how four colours can trick us into seeing a multidimensional, full-colour entity.

Martina Westib

I explore the idea of the reservoir as a repository for matter. With the sink as a metaphor we can think of its form as a container for collected energies that are in varying states of release over time. My works are resonant bodies recording the moment of impact. They absorb instances of directional force and reverberate the dual nature of experience. Caught in cycles and outside of them simultaneously, they are fast and slow, touched and untouched as they retain and let go.

Let's Stay in Touch! | Fundraiser | March 10, 2018


TRUCK’s Postcard Fundraiser

Saturday March 10, 2018
7PM – 11PM
TRUCK Main Space
2009 10th Avenue SW Calgary

Join us on March 10 from 7PM – 11PM for LET'S STAY IN TOUCH, a silent-auction fundraiser including postcard-sized artwork donated by local, national, and international artists.

LET'S STAY IN TOUCH will develop crucial funds for our public programming budget with revenue going directly towards presenting contemporary artists from across Canada and internationally.

Can't make it to the event? Check out the ARTIST CATALOGUE and send us a proxy bid to

Participating artists include:

Natasha Alphonse
Judy Anderson
Daniel Barrow
Alana Bartol
Ashley Bedet
Jordan Bennett
Amanda Burk
Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter
Mark Clintberg & Sondra Meszaros
Heather Close
Jason Deary
Greg Doble
Hannah Doerksen
Brenda Draney
Rachel Duckhouse
Megan Dyck
Sans façon
Yara Francken
Sarah Fuller
Randy Gibson
Katie Green
Jason De Haan
Samantha Haslam
Ursula A. Johnson
Tomas Jonsson
Daniel J Kirk
Sara McKarney
Amy Malbeuf
Rita McKeough
Nate McLeod
Hazel Meyer
Jay Mosher
Sarah Nordean
Ashley Ohman
Cassandra Paul
Laura Peturson
Anne Riley
Jerry Ropson
Sarah Van Sloten
Katie Stienstra
Sarah Storteboom
Adrian A Stimson
Zin Taylor
Ambera Wellmann
Nicole Kelly Westman
D'Arcy Wilson
Lisa Wood

PLUS we'll have a special framing deal with Kyle Beal Art Servicesavailable for your newly purchased artwork. 

Reservoir | Artist Talk | March 3, 2017

NEW_FB_ArtistTalkTiesenhausen -01.jpg

Please join us for an artist talk with Peter von Tiesenhausen and Magnus Tiesenhausen on March 3, 2018 / 3:00 pm in the TRUCK Contemporary Art Main Space. Presented in collaboration with The City of Calgary Public Art Program, RESERVOIR runs January 20 - March 3 / 2018 in the TRUCK Contemporary Art Parkade.

In the spring of 2017, the Saddleridge reservoir in northeast Calgary was drained and dried for scheduled maintenance. The immense subterranean chamber, which is one of many reservoirs that supplies Calgary with filtered water originating from the Bow Glacier, had been sealed for forty years. For four decades its full volume— thirty-eight million litres of water—lay still, in complete darkness below two soccer fields. It is part of a largely invisible, complex infrastructure that variously and usually unfailingly shuttles clean water to, and ushers dirty water from, Calgary’s 1.24 million inhabitants.

The Saddleridge reservoir, emptied, is a colossal and alien space. A slight sound within the massive chamber can reverberate for up to 25 seconds, and certain frequencies compound upon themselves, intensifying in resonance. In late May of 2017, Peter von Tiesenhausen commissioned sound artists Jen Reimer and Magnus Tiesenhausen to record an improvised collaborative work within the reservoir, and cinematographer Dave McGregor to capture the visual space. The resulting fleeting images and sounds comprise RESERVOIR.

Upon completion of the maintenance, the Saddleridge reservoir was resealed and filled, returning to silence for the next anticipated forty years.

RESERVOIR was commissioned by The City of Calgary as part of the Watershed+ Dynamic Environment Lab.

Magnus Tiesenhausen

Magnus Tiesenhausen is an interdisciplinary artist based in southern Alberta. Tiesenhausen’s work operates within productive disagreements between magic and materiality; structure and indeterminacy; and reverence and punk energy. tunnel is a collaborative singing practice he shares with Montréal-based sound artist Jen Reimer.

Peter von Tiesenhausen

Peter von Tiesenhausen is a multi-media Canadian artist whose work has lead him through journeys both real and imagined.  Based in the Alberta Peace country, Demmitt specifically, he has exhibited across Canada, in Europe and the United States in public galleries and throughout the landscape.  His practice has grown from landscape painting to installation, sculpture, performance and from simple media to complex combinations of media and multifaceted collaborations.  He claims copyright on his land as an artwork. His work often deals with the ideas of time, life, voyage, death, spirit, nature and humanity.  There is a strong pursuit of sustainability often evident in the work and an attempt to understand time and substance from a variety of perspectives.