Bhava Cool Hot Glass Works

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The Bhava Collective is a group of artists producting contemporary art and glassware production out of a studio in southeast Calgary. As a collective, Bhava is a group of artists sharing responsibilities for hot and cold glass facilities, public and private workshops, and marketing and distribution of production ware. Members of Bhava, as individuals, are artists who make a living working with glass. Simplistic as it may seem, distinctions such as this have played an important role in the debates about glass as a contemporary art form as it has emerged through the studio art glass movement. From the Bhava point of view, however, too much focus on this debate -- is it art or craft? -- diverts energy from the more important need to consider and create actual work.

Featured in:

Blind and Naked

September 11, 1992 to October 4, 1992

Glass, metal, wood, found objects; all natural and reclaimed elements, figure prominently in the creations and re-creations of Bhava Works, a Calgary-based three-year old artists' cooperative. As self proclaimed "Environment Opportunists," the Bhava artists focus on using these materials to help interpret and understand the social and emotional environment in which we all reside. The controversial signature piece for this show, which must be seen with a certain amount of insight to appreciate fully, confronts us with a host of personal revelations about our own socialization...and speaks of how important it is to accept this veneer of prejudice before moving on to the rest of the show, and the rest of our lives. This collection of work is about stripping away mores, norms and stigmas about the formation os opinions and about the clarity of understanding we can achieve. Bhava Works has gained notoriety for functional glassware that border on the eccentric, and the same irreverence is apparent in this, the sculptural side of their catalogue.