Ace Art Inc.

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Ace Art Inc. is an artist-run centre dedicated to the development, exhibition and dissemination of contemporary art by cultural producers. Ace Art Inc. maintains a commitment to emerging artists and recognizes its role in placing contemporary artists in a larger cultural context. Ace Art Inc. is dedicated to cultural diversity in its programming and to this end encourages applications from all contemporary artists and curators including those identifying as members of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered), Aboriginal (status, non-status, Inuit and Metis) and all other culturally diverse communities.

Featured in:

A2C SEG Part 2

October 8, 1987 to October 25, 1987

This is the conclusion of a 2-part exchange show with Ace Art, a similar gallery in Winnipeg. The show deals with the theme of perception and how artists see things in unique ways and is significant considering the artists involved in the exchange are from two distinct geographic, economic, and political environments. A2C SEG Part 2 was curated by Richard Brown and will include works by Laura Letinsky, Richard Claxton, and Donnely Smallwood, all Winnipeg artists. 

"The curatorial objectives of this exhibition are to explore individual interpretations of perception as an issue in the work of emerging artists from two similar yet disparate cities. Each artist deals with their daily perceptions directly through their work and invites viewers to share that experience. These experiences represent a polarity of ideas of the artists involved, and this was the reason for their selection. They choose to focus on very different aspects of society or their lives, and manifest these findings in very distinct, exciting ways, both conceptually and physically.

The curatorial focus on perception becomes especially significant considering the context of an exchange show; the idea, perceptions, and interpretations of the artists can reach a greater clarity through comparison and contrast." -Richard Brown, curator