The Imagineers

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The Imagineers are a young Edmonton Band who specialize in confrontational music. This emerging band combines themes based on everyday action into an eclectic sound.

Robin Hunter (Guitar, Vocals) is the founder of World War Three D, a five-piece band which played extensively in Edmonton for two years. He has also worked as a DJ for the University of Alberta radio station CJSR. Outside of the Imagineers, his most recent project is the creation of an underground music magazine called OK Mag.

Lonnie Oullette (Guitar, Vocals) is a graduate of the Grant McEwan music program.

Darin Rufiange (Drums, Vocals) has extensive experience with many Edmonton club bands such as the Nexx'd. 

The Imagineers have appeared in various Edmonton clubs and events including the Multi Purpose Rumpus Room at the Rock Against Apartheid concert, The Ritz diner, CrackerJacks. In Calgary, they have appeared at the Westward and they were featured at the Big Acoustic GA in April 1989. 

Featured in:


September 23, 1989 to November 19, 1989

Three musical performances by emerging musicians in Western Canada.

September 23, 1989
Bob Day/Cam Millar Quintet
An assortment of new compositions which explore each musicians roots in Western Canada.

October 28, 1989
Eric Stach
A solo saxophone concert of improvised music acto and soprano. 

November 18, 1989
The Imagineers
Recent Songs, The Gall The Gall, Eight Points of Light and the Cherry Disease, This is Nevada Calling, Procter Boulevard