Steven Heimbecker

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Steven Heimbecker, a Saskachewan native, has been living in Calgary since leaving the Alberta College of Art in 1980. Since 1978, Heimbecker has shown in several regional and private group shows throughout Alberta and Saskachewan.

Featured in:

Tender Moments

January 11, 1984 to January 30, 1984

January 11, 1984 will mark the beginning of a new concept for purchasing art in Calgary. Two emerging Calgary artists, Steven R. Heimbecker and Michael R. Zeindler are selling their recent work by tender in their upcoming show "Tender Moments" at 2ND Story Gallery. During the length of the exhibition, written bids will be accepted for each piece, with notification of the highest or winning bid on January 30th. 

The show is multi-disciplined, displaying painting, drawing, and sculpture by the two artists who have been working independently since leaving the Alberta College of Art. Both artists employ vivd colour in their expression of everyday occurences, fracturing moments from them, creating a sense of isolation.

Artists' Statements:

"I work using two functions. The first, being the observation mode, recording images at random with memory, polaroids, and sketches. The second mode is the correalation of these images, creating an expression of a recognizable moment or object while maintaining the distance of the original observation." -Steven R. Heimbecker

"Everything belongs in a different context than that which I observe. An alternate depth, using the surrounding set of props, is possible. To uncover the ridiculous and morbid sense of a potentially harmless situation, to overlap completely unrelated events on the same plan, that is the real context of any situation." - Michael R. Zeindler


April 11, 1985 to April 22, 1985

"My work represents living. The subject of each work is placed in an ambiguous space between past and future, the dream state and reality, to create an unclouded view of the life I see and live." 

Described as leaning towards surrealism, Heimbecker's paintings are flat and colorful, exploying heavy outline and pattern to define forms and articulate planes. His sculptures are structural and less organize than the paintings, but still painting the same intensity of color and line. These works are direct comments on the shape of traditional architecture; confronting the decorated box.

Place Settings

July 2, 1987 to August 16, 1987

Installation art may best be described as art that may contain objects, visual images, sound, and written words in one space. The artist places the elements in the installation site and asks the viewer to bring their own associations to them. Like the "Place Settings" installations, it may be environmental and site-specific. 

"Place Settings" features installation art by Steve Heimbecker, Colleen Kerr, Mark Dicey, Jeff Viner, Judy Cheung, and Jim Goertz.