Michael Fernandes

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Based in Halifax, Michael Fernandes was born in Trinidad. An instructor at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, Fernandes’s art practice includes mixed-media installation, performance as well as audio, and book works. His work has been exhibited extensively nationally, notably at the Blackwood Gallery, Mercer Union, The Power Plant, and YYZ (Toronto,ON); C.I.A.C. (Montreal Biennale); Articule, and Mai, (Montreal, QB), Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina, SK); The National Gallery of Canada, and Saw Gallery (Ottawa, ON); Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Eye Level Gallery, and Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery (Halifax, NS); and internationally at P.S.1 (New York, NY); Art Public Calaf (Barcelona, Spain); In The Context of Art Biennale (Warsaw, Poland).

Featured in:

Base Camp

July 1, 2009 to July 31, 2009

Addressing contemporary art practice as a technique for reflecting upon and intervening in public space, TRUCK Gallery in Calgary will present a series of projects by Canadian and international artists during the month of June 2009, which take place entirely outside of the gallery space. The gallery space itself—as opposed to being an exhibition venue—will instead take on the role of a base camp. This will offer the artists involved in the exhibition a place to develop elements of their project, present documentation regarding their work, and engage visitors to the gallery in dialogue concerning art making and public space. Through this process the meaning and purpose of the gallery will be shifted, allowing TRUCK to contextualize and support practices that might otherwise be challenging to present within the traditional frameworks of an exhibition. 





Velvet Ropes Need Not Apply by Mark Stowbrigde


Circa Exchange

October 16, 1998 to November 14, 1998